DPC Baseball Academy will be hosting our off-season Winter Workouts for ages 7 through 18 years old.  The groups will be broken into age groups as anyone is welcome to register.

DATE:   Monday July 19th through Friday July 23rd5 DAYS TOTAL!!!

TIMES:  9am to 1pm Every day

AGES:  6 years old to 14 years old

COST:  $300

BREAKDOWN:  $300 for the week divided by 20 hours = $15 per hour


CAMP DESCRIPTION:  Kids will learn fundamentals in the game of baseball while taking their skills and athletic ability to the next level.  Fielding, batting, pitching, strength, conditioning & live game situations will take place throughout the week.  6 coaches will be on staff for the camp.  Kids will be broken down into their own age groups and skill levels throughout the duration of the camp.


HOW TO REGISTER:  Call into DPC Baseball Academy at 919-404-7669.


The camp will be capped at the first 50 kids who register!!!



  1. Bring your own lunch or snacks every day
  2. Baseball bat
  3. Baseball glove
  4. Cleats and indoor shoes
  5. Can wear shorts to the camp, but bring baseball pants
  6. There are water fountains, snack machines and drink machines at DPC Baseball Academy